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(000429) Kids PCM 250 Suspension x 100ml (Straw)

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(000429) Kids PCM 250 Suspension x 100ml (Straw) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Kidz PCM Suspension (Strawberry) is used for the relief of fever and mild to moderate pain in children, including headache and toothache.

Dosage: For Fever and Pain:

Children 6 - 12 Years: 5-10ml

Children 1 - 6 Years: 2.4-5ml

Babies 3-12 months: 1.2-2.4ml

Babies 1-3 months: 0.6-1.2ml

Repeat 3 to 4 times a day. DO NOT exceed 4 doses in 24 hours.

Precautions: This preparation contains Paracetamol. Do not take any other Paracetamol containing medicines at the same time.

Allerhy alert: Paracetamol may cause severe skin reactions. Symptoms may include skin reddening, blister or rash. These could be signs of a serious condition. If these reactions occur, stop use and seek medical assisstance right away.

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