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(000744) Rowatinex Caps x 50s

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Each capsule contains the following: Pinene [α + β] 31.0 mg Camphene 15.0 mg Cineol 3.0 mg Fenchone 4.0 mg Borneol 10.0 mg Anethol 4.0 mg Indications And Usage: Urolithiasis, nephrolithiasis and mild urinary tract infections. Rowatinex® promotes the disintegration of stones, and by its spasmolytic action promotes the spontaneous passage of stones in the renal and urinary tracts. Rowatinex® gives symptomatic relief of mild to moderate renal and urinary colic associated with the presence of stones in the renal and urinary tracts. Rowatinex® is also indicated for the relief of frequency and urgency associated with mild urinary tract infections.

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