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(000745) Rowatinex Caps 10x10s (BP)

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(000745) Rowatinex Caps 10x10s (BP) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

  • Rowatinex promotes diuresis and relaxes urinary tract spasm. thus assisting the passage of stones. The therapeutic effect of the balanced combination of terpenes reduces urinary tract inflammation stimulating renal blood flow through the kidneys and increasing the output of a less concentrated urine. IndicationsRowatinex is indicated for the treatment of urinary tract spasm and inflammation associated with urolithiasis. Rowatinex also assists in the dissolution and expulsion of stones in the renal systemRoute of Administration:Oral. Recommended Dosage:Adults: Unless otherwise directed by the physician, the usual dose is 1 - 2 capsules three times daily before meals. In case of colic 2 - 3 capsules four - five times daily. Children 6-14 years: The usual dose is 1 capsule twice daily before meals.

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