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(000957) Kordels Bio Ester C Tabs 1000mg x 30s

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(000957) Kordels Bio Ester C Tabs 1000mg x 30s Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Ester-C® promotes rapid absorption and delays the excretion of ascorbic acid.Ester-C® increases white blood cell ascorbate levels up to 4 times more than ascorbic acid, with as little as one third as much wasted.After 24 hours, retained Ester-C® blood concentration levels are 2 times greater than that of ascorbic acid.Ester-C® is effective in maintaining ascorbate levels. This is crucial to the delivery and metabolic utilization of ascorbate to targeted tissues.

Third Generation Technology

Ester-C®'s exclusive water-based manufacturing process uses no alcohol or any other harmful solvents.

Better Tolerated

When taking large amounts of vitamin C as ascorbic acid, many people experience flatulence, diarrhoea and discomfort. This is known as ‘acid rejection syndrome’ and occurs when acidic vitamin C enters the more alkaline environment of the lower digestive tract. Because Ester-C® is pH neutral, it does not cause these upsets and is gentle on the stomach.

Ester-C® also reduces (up to 5 times) the risk of a person forming oxalate-containing kidney stones.

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