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(000975) 21st Chewy C Tabs 30mg x 90s

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(000975) 21st Chewy C Tabs 30mg x 90s Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Product Description

At their young age, kids are more prone to illness and infections. Hence, it is crucial that they build their immune system against bacterial attacks.

21st Century's Chewy C with Vitamin C is the perfect solution for this. It is designed for children aged 4 o 12. A tasty way for kids to get their daily dosage of Vitamin C. 

Chewy C with Vitamin C comes in 6 delicious fruity flavours with different shapes and colours to choose from: Orange, Strawberry, Apple, Lemon, Mango and Grape. Your kids will love taking these nutritional nuggets!

Each vegetarian pastille contains 30mg of Vitamin C.

Chewy C is made using vegetarian gelatin and Bovine free hence it is suitable for vegetarian. 

Ingredients: Glucose, sugar, water, dextrose, vitamin c, citric acid, permitted fruit flavours, natural colors.


For children 4 to 8, take one pastille daily before or after any meal.

For children 8 to 12, take 2 pastille daily before or after meal.

For children over 12, take one 21st Century's Chewable Orange Vitamin C 250mg daily.

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