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(000976) Appeton Activ-C Tabs 250mg x 60s (O)

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(000976) Appeton Activ-C Tabs 250mg x 60s (O) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Product Description

Appeton Essentials Activ-C 250 promotes body resistance towards infection and as an antioxidant vitamin in scavenging free radicals among adults and elderly.

Appeton Essentials Activ-C 250 contains vitamin C 250mg each tablet. Higher dosage of vitamin C are required to maintain normal plasma levels under certain condition such as fever, infection or environmental factor like smoking or pollution. Our body requires at least 300mg/day to help in wound healthy and fractures recovering.

Appeton Essentials Activ-C 250 is most suitable for teenagers, busy working adults and for those who exposed to pollution and smokers.


• Chewable tablet, round shaped.

• Orange flavour.

• Contains no saccharin.


• 2 – 4 tablets per day.


Vitamin C 250mg

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