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(003411) AkuaRiz Gamat Gel x 60g

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Product Description


• Reduce redness and provides quick relief for skin abrasion, minor scalding and common bite marks due to the inherent anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties of gamat.

• Soothe sunburn, improve skin hydration and reduction in skin redness & itch whenever exposed to the sun.

• Can be used to singly or to complement skin improvement or scar fading regime

• Promote skin regeneration and minimal scarring as the ability to re-grow and re-generate is inherent in gamat.

• Rich in minerals such as zinc and Vitamin E for overall skin improvement


AkuaRiz® Gamat Gel is specially formulated using pure gamat extract (Stichopus horrens) in combination with aloe vera extract for enhanced efficacy.

Studies conducted by Prof. Dato' Dr. Ridzwan & his team of researchers have shown that gamat extract when used topically is effective in promoting rapid wound healing especially for diabetic wounds, burns & abrasions with minimal scarring. This may be due to the rapid cell regenerative & proliferative properties of gamat extract which is also rich in minerals such as zinc and vitamin E that promote wound recovery.

AkuaRiz® Gamat Gel is effective for relieving pain from wounds, scalding and insect bites due to the anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties exhibited by gamat extract. In addition, the synergistic combination with Aloe Vera extract would soothe sun burn, relieves or prevents itching. AkuaRiz® Gamat Gel is also good for treating minor skin conditions.

It's a 100% aqueous base, which is non-greasy & absorbed easily when applied to the skin. AkuaRiz® Gamat Gel can be used daily as a skin care to promote good & healthy skin in view of its richness in antioxidants, broad spectrum of minerals & vitamin E. It is especially good as a moisturizer which helps to hydrate skin leading to more supple & soft skin. Ideal for individuals who have oily skin, can be used prior to the application of make-up.

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