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(005312) Fiffy Rubber Teat (18127)x2s(3-6Mth)

RM 8.90
(005312) Fiffy Rubber Teat (18127)x2s(3-6Mth) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Fiffy natural rubber teats special made in Germany with anti-colic vent tech.

- Orthodontically shaped to promote healthy dental development

- Anatomically designed to suit the shape of the child’s palate and induce natural sucking behavior

- Anti-colic vent controls air-pressure in bottle to prevents swallowing of air and therefore reduces the risk of colic.

- Thick flange on the bottom of the teat is designed for a drip free fit on the bottle neck.

- Made in Germany using quality natural rubber

- More resistant to pulling and biting

- Rubber is antistatic and it does not attract dust and fluff

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