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(009492) Himalaya Koflet Loz x 10s

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  • Koflet lozenges are a poly-herbal composition of Ayurvedic herbs, which are beneficial in providing relief in dry and productive cough. 

  • It gives relief to the irritation and soreness of the throat through its demulcent action. It also reduces bronchial mucosal irritation, swelling in larynx and inflammation in the upper respiratory tract by its peripheral antitussive action and anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • Koflet lozenges have anti-allergic and antihistamine action, which alleviate cough and cold induced by different kind of allergies. 

  • The antimicrobial and immune-resistance building characteristics of Koflet lozenges help in the treatment of coughs of varied etiology. 

  • A Koflet lozenge not only gives relief to an irritable mucous membrane, but also helps to maintain a healthy and optimally functioning immune system. 

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