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(011044) Fernleaf Family x 550g

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Multi-Vits 5xDHA, Protein, Iron, Vitamin A, C, D, B1, B2, B3, B12, Calcium, 100% Milk From New Zealand, Great Nutrition, Great Value, Reduced Fat

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Nutritious milk for the whole family

Excessive amounts of sugar may have negative impact on your family's health. New Fernleaf Kuat™ has not added sucrose. It is reformulated to be less sweet and is made from milk that contains natural dairy goodness from New Zealand. It is specially formulated by Fernleaf™ institute with its unique 3T formula, a right combination of nutrients for strong bones, body and energy 

It not only tastes great, its also provides the essential nutrients to keep your family physically and mentally active. Families that are strong physically and mentally are better equipped to face life's daily challenges 

Drink two to three glasses of Fernleaf Kuat™ daily to enjoy great taste and be assured of optimum nutrition 

Formula 3T Tulang, Tubuh, Tenaga dengan 18 nutrien**:

1. Tulang / Bones 

- Calcium 

- Vitamin D?

- Magnesium 

2.Tubuh / Body

- Protein

- Iron

- Vitamin C

3. Tenaga / Energy 

- Vitamin B?

- Vitamin B?

- Vitamin B?

- Vitamin B??

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