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(011518) HiruScar Gel 2x5g

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Hiruscar Gel is suitable for all skin type with Revolutionised 2-in-1 recovery system to improve and smoothen scars.

  • To improve skin flawed with scars such as surgery marks by softening them.
  • To lessen black marks from inflamed pimple scars and bringing smoothness back to your skin.
  • To prevent the onset of bulging red scars that usually appear after wounds have just healed.
  • Mucoploysaccharide Polysulphate (MPS) and Allium Chepa for effective result: Penetrates deep into the skin to smoothen and soften scar tissue.
  • Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3: Moisture and protect scar.
  • Lighten the color of skin tissue and restore to a softer more natural appearance.
  • Quick-absorbing non-greasy and film-free clear gel that helps reduce scar visibility.
  • Hiruscar contains MPS combined with Allium Cepa together with four more elements that reduce excessive tissues from forming.
  • It also improves and dissipates pimple and wounds naturally while softening thick marks.
  • In order to see the best results, treatment should be continual for 4-6 months
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