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(011778) Vita Asta-Glutathione+ 2x30s

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(011778) Vita Asta-Glutathione+ 2x30s Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

VitaHealth Asta-Glutathione Plus is a skin-whitening formula which combines the goodness of l-glutathione with N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC), astaxanthin and other nutrients for a fair, flawless and glowing complexion. It is specifically tailored to shield the skin from UV-induced oxidative stress and the accelerated signs of skin ageing. Additionally, it helps improve skin tones, giving a rosy glow to dull skin. L-glutathione works from within by inhibiting the tyrosinase activity to reduce pigmentation and dark spots in the sun-exposed area. 

NAC is the source of cysteine, much needed to support the natural production of glutathione in the body. Formulated with 300mg L-glutathione Fortified with NAC, a stable precursor for glutathione Available in vegetable capsules Made in USA Directions 1 vegetable capsule to be taken twice daily with meals or as recommended by a doctor or pharmacist Ingredients L-glutathione, N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC), Astaxanthin, Alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin C, Zinc

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