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(012419) Skin-Fix Haruan Cream x 20g

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The healing of wounds was characterized by an increase in the tensile strength of the skin, determined on the 7th post-operative day in each case.Haruan treatment of wounds promotes remodeling of collagen, by the synthesis of inter- and intra-molecular protein crosslinking and thus produces a marked increase (PB0.05) in tensile strength as compared to the cetrimide treated group. On the basis of our experiment we conclude that C.striatus helps in wound healing as indicated by the increase in tensile strength. We hypothesise that this effect may be due to its high content of arachidonic acid, glycine and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The mechanism of wound healing will be investigated in future studies. 

All kinds of wound healing and post operation wound healing 

Burns or hot water splash 

Eliminate pimples 

Improve the skin texture 

Preventing inflammatory eczema 

Skin irritation 

Cracked heal 

Health Benefits Of Channa Striatus (Haruan) For Healing Effect: 

Beta Actinz 

Involves in cell migration and cell motility - a fundamental process essential for wound healing, and immune responses. Calponin-2 

Is a actin - binding protein. It plays an important role in the migration of endothelia cells and vascular development. Galectin-8 

Promotes growth of new capillaries from existing blood vessels. 


Supplying oxygen or other essential chemicals to damage tissue. 

Apply on the skin 2 times a day (for external use only)

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