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(012607) Lazz Premixed Goat Milk (Asli) x 550g

RM 45.00
(012607) Lazz Premixed Goat Milk (Asli) x 550g Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Product details of READY STOCK Lazz Original Goat Milk [Susu Kambing Asli] [500grams]

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES FROM 2 YEARS & ABOVE. (Can be used as food additional for children under 2)


  • 100% Goat Milk Solid
  • Glucose Syrup (non-GMO based)
  • Vegetables Fat (palm oil - fat sources)
  • Protein
  • Emulsifier from Plant Sources as Permitted Food Conditioner


CHILDAll mothers are encouraged to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months and continue up to 2 years.Complementary foods should be started at 6 months / 180 days old.This means that from birth until baby is 6 months old, baby is just:Only breast milk should be givenNo water or milk neededSTUDENT / TEENImprove the immune system.Older & smoother digestion.The bones of the child are stronger. (Calcium in goat's milk is higher than cow's milk)Less allergenic.Help to relieve fatigue and tiredness.Increase your child's IQ and learn quickly.PREGNANT MOTHERAvoid constipation due to taking a drug (lawass), increasing HB & preventing anemia.Energize, eliminate nausea and heartburn.Nutrition is perfect for babies. Baby born healthy skin is not sensitive. The bone is not soft, its IQ is high.And the most popular nutrient is to help reduce the risk of a baby being exposed to yellowBREASTFEEDINGBreastfeeding infants also benefit. Baby skin is insensitive and difficult to see. Baby bones are stronger.Become a milk booster and antidote if any milk problem is reduced.Reduces hair loss.Fasten the milk.The body stays strong even when the baby is breastfeedingPREGNANCYThe combination of goat milk and dates is great for fertility considering the ways in which the Arab community is famous for its richness.Can be taken with other supplements by interrupting several hours.Enriched with Iron Content in the fastest form absorbed by the body and folic acid is essential to strengthen the uterus in preparation for a healthy pregnancy.ADULTSAlkaline goat milk. These properties are resistant to foods and toxins that cause chronic diseases.The body feels stronger and feels lighter.Relieves gastric pain and helps treat asthma and fatigue.Removes air and toxins from the body.1 meal is only 80 calories. May help control weight gain and appetite.It can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes.
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