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(012804) Kordels Glucos Chondroitin MSM Eff Tabs 4x15s

RM 149.90
(012804) Kordels Glucos Chondroitin MSM Eff Tabs 4x15s Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

1st Effervescent Joint Formula

Fast absorption – Effervescent form helps enhance nutrients absorption levels

Fizzy and refreshing – Lemon flavoured and good taste

Easy to swallow – It dissolved completely, no stirring and shaking require

2 Tablets, Once A Day

Flexible dosage – Can be taken 2 tabs at once or in divided dose

Convenient pack – Pack in tube, easy to carry for people on the move

No added sugar – Suitable for diabetes patients

3 in 1 Complex Joint Formula

Glucosamine – Repair and rebuild cartilage

Chondroitin – Provides lubricating effects in joint

MSM – Reduce pain and inflammation, strengthening collagen, muscle, ligament and tendon

Kordel’s GLS-CS-MSM effervescent tablet is the most advanced formula for the treatment and mitigation of joints pain and inflammation.

Kordel’s GLS-CS-MSM effervescent tablet is a powerful combination of 3 joint nutrients contained in an effervescent formula designed for maximum ingredient absorption and assimilation that will reduce pain and inflammation while returning the body to a productive state.

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