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(013345) Vita Flexiplex HA+MSM VegiCaps x 30s

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(013345) Vita Flexiplex HA+MSM VegiCaps x 30s Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Naturally-occurring in #synovial fluid, HA helps lubricate and cushion the #joints for smooth #movement. The HA extracted from non-animal source has suitable molecular weight, ensuring optimal absorption into the joints. MSM is an organic sulfur-containing compound which helps to maintain and repair connective tissues in the joints. It is beneficial to alleviate joint discomfort, stiffness and swelling. Combining these two essential components can help enhance joint mobility, keeping you moving flexibly and comfortably. Dual-nutrient joint support formulated with HA and MSM Non-animal sourced HA with suitable molecular weight that is readily absorbed into the joints Lubricates and soothes the joints Enhances mobility, extends flexibility and eases joint discomfort Certified Halal In vegetable capsules

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