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(013430) SkinLabs Supreme Ginger Cream x 200ml

RM 34.90
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Skinlabs Supreme Ginger Cream 2X contains ginger oil, ginger extracts, lemongrass oil, cintronella oil, sunflower oil and cajeput oil which is an advanced formulations to help: Relieves from back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, pain in arthritis, pain in shoulder joint and other conditions. Relieves discomfort of menstruation. Flatten bulging tummy. Expels stomach "wind" Promote blood circulation. Warm the spleen and stomach to arrest vomiting. For swelling. For body shaping and slimming use. SkinLabs Supreme Ginger Cream 2X is a natural product that uses approximately 85% of natural derived ingredients. Ginger was cultivated and use as a spice and medicine in India and China. The earlier medical texts of both countries extensively discussed the therapeutic uses of the spice, both in fresh and dried form. SkinLabs Supreme Ginger Cream is a lotion solution that helps to soothes aches and expels "wind" in natural way without any discomfort.

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