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BD Ultra-Fine Nano Pro Pen Needle 32Gx4mm x 100s

RM 76.00
BD Ultra-Fine Nano Pro Pen Needle 32Gx4mm x 100s Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

The BD Ultra-Fine 4mm pen needle is BD smallest, thinnest pen needle, promoting comfort.1 The pen needle incorporates EasyFlow technology, which improves insulin flow through the needle and makes the device easier to use, even for users with hand-strength challenges—enabling users to receive their full dose.1 The pen needle also features the patented PentaPoint Comfort five-bevel needle tip to promote a more comfortable and easier injection, compared to a three-bevel needle.2

BD Ultra-FineTM 4mm Pen Needles combine TWO technologies to deliver Easier, Quicker & More Comfortable Injection Experience:

1.   EasyflowTM technology

Extra Thin Wall needles for easier and quicker injection

2.   PentapointTM technology

Five-bevel needle tip for more comfort.

With BD Ultra-FineTM 4mm Pen Needles :

  1. Less required thumb force:
  • The pen needle requires 62% lower force to press the button, earning the Arthritis Foundation Ease of Use Commendation.
  1. Higher flow rate*:
  • A large inner diameter allows insulin to flow more easily, providing a 149% higher flow rate than other leading pen needles.
  1. Improved insulin absorption:
  • The pen needle is estimated to inject insulin into the fat layer more than 99.5% of the time—at all injection sites,4 promoting consistent absorption and reducing the risk of intramuscular (IM) injections that can cause hypoglycemia.

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