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(012070) Dr Wound Chito Diabetic Home Care Kit x Combo

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(012070) Dr Wound Chito Diabetic Home Care Kit x Combo Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Product Description

Antiseptic spray is 50 ml

Chitoheal Gel is 20 ml

DR WOUND TWIN PACK is a convenient pack consisting of the Silver Antiseptic Spray and ChitoHeal Gel. Silver Antiseptic Spray is a cleaning spray that incorporates Nanocolloidal Silver Technology. Silver nanoparticles are potent broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents. ChitoHeal Gel is a primary biological dressing made of natural celluloisic biopolymers that can accelerate healing.

Minor Cuts and Burns

Spray SilvoSept onto the area. Allow to partially dry. Then apply a layer of ChitoHeal Gel. Apply a bandage.

Diabetic Wound Care:

If you have diabetes and have a wound, no matter how small, you should take care of your wound immediately to avoid infection and promote healing

Clean the wound

Rinse the wound under running water to remove any dirt or particles. Do not use soap, hydrogen peroxide or iodine.

Spray SilvoSept onto your wound and allow it to dry. Apply a layer of ChitoHeal gel on the wound. Cover the wound with a sterile bandage. Change and repeat daily. Inspect your wound everyday for signs of infection.

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